Album Review: Giant Panda – Electric Laser (2008)

Album Review: Giant Panda – Electric Laser (2008)

Giant Panda Electric Laser b 1 Album Review: Giant Panda   Electric Laser (2008)Album Review: Giant Panda – Electric Laser (2008)
Rating: 4 out of 5 Potholes

Electric Laser seems to work on two levels. The first being that it is a hard-hitting, groovy album topped with party raps about Giant Panda’s lyrical prowess (which, to be fair, is worthy of their self-praise) and intricate beats laced with synths. The electric style of production is a bit out of character for a west-coast underground album, however as the title indicates, Laser uses this style as a unifying factor from start to finish, while maintaining the expected funk and dance influences one would expect. The result is a refreshing, feel-good sound from track to track and if nothing else, creates a central theme for the album to build upon. The other level present here is more intellectual, a rarity amongst party albums, yet no surprise coming from Giant Panda.

Lyrically, Giant Panda manages to delve into a few heavier topics in between rhythmic chants and raps about, um… their raps. “Cinemax” takes a comical look at a romantic evening, while the following track “Pops” tackles homophobia and revives the Native Tongues sentiment of universal love. “Let It Go” offers a breezy approach to everyday life, embodying Giant Panda’s laid back, carefree attitude. It should be noted that at a couple points, Giant Panda slips into Japanese rap, which retains a gripping flow all the while.

Despite the lack of anything truly original, Laser is one tightly-wound, fast-paced party album that proves once again that music can be both fun and smart.

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