Rest In Peace Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb The Wyse

praverb-the-wyseIt is with a heavy heart and an unbelievable amount of sadness that I must report on the passing of our dear friend, Earl Patrick McNease aka Praverb The Wyse. He died this morning (Sept. 17) of unknown causes.

We learned of Earl’s passing this evening when the tragic news was revealed through his personal Facebook page. If you visit his page, you will see an overwhelming amount of messages conveying support for his family and loved ones; he was a father, son, and husband. The messages demonstrate just how much of an impact he made on so many lives the world over, especially on people he had never met. Like us here at Potholes.

We were lucky enough to meet Earl back when we only knew him as Praverb. Dave showed love to Praverb for all of his support in our official launch post, and there was Earl, showing love right back in the comments.

Over the years, we grew to know him both as a curator/blogger—he introduced us to one of our favorite acts, Cold Legistics—and as an artist himself. I became closer to Earl through Facebook in the past two years or so. We sent each other messages and talked about our lives, the current state of hip-hop blogging, and so much more. He showed me a great amount of support when I left music writing earlier this year and then welcomed me right back when I returned. He recently reached out to write for us, providing a list of international hip-hop blogs that everyone should visit.

You see, therein lies what made Earl such an amazing person. He wasn’t doing any of this for himself, and that made it abundantly clear that this was a man who was so passionate, kind, giving, selfless. He wrote that post along with dozens more at his own website and elsewhere to provide assistance to underground artists. His articles were always about putting other people on, whether it was beat-makers needing tips for self-promotion or simply rounding up blogs he believed would post any artist’s music.

As I sit here writing this, I must admit I’m still in a state of shock over his passing and really don’t know what else to say. Earl and I had written to each other just last week; he wanted to know if there was anything he could write about for Potholes. I told him that he could write about whatever he was feeling at the moment and eagerly anticipated his next article.

I know I speak for the entire Potholes staff when I say that we already miss you, Earl. Rest in peace.

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of Earl’s funeral, please visit this page.

Note: Listen to Praverb’s audiobiography below. Thank you to Handbook for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. Alexander Greenmail|

    nooo… rip my friend

  2. I’m still in shock. RIP brother Praverb.

  3. My condolescences go out to P. He was always a cat that would take the time to connect with you and help you out with anything if you needed it. I’ve known him about 8 years and he was always seemed like a stand up guy. R.I.P. my brother. I still can’t believe it…..Signing off.

  4. D.L. Chandler|

    I literally just spoke to him around 10 or so days ago via DM. He was asking me about writing tips and how I’m surviving as a writer in this climate. I was going to share my tips and such via his website and Twitter feed. I’m…stunned. I don’t even know what to say. This man was the salt of the earth and so giving, so passionate. He will be missed.

  5. AndrewMartin520|

    Exactly. Thank you, Bob.

  6. AndrewMartin520|

    I completely agree. Thank you for reading.

  7. Michael Stover|

    i’m still in shock over all of this. P believed in every single one of us and just wanted to see us succeed and learn from his experiences. He truly thought that all of us bloggers and artists could be number one in an industry controlled BS. He always did his best to serve others and didn’t ask for a single thing in return. thank you potholes for paying tribute to Earl.

  8. He was a great dude, totally selfless.

    Great tribute.

  9. AndrewMartin520|

    Thank you.

  10. AndrewMartin520|

    Thank you, Ryan.

  11. AndrewMartin520|

    Thank you so much, Michael.

  12. Nothing but respect for Praverb. He went out of his way to help people and always stayed in touch. Our sons are around the same age and we’d discuss everything from music to family, etc. Rest in Power!

  13. tyrone moore|

    Praverb the Wyse

    The Lord said, let there be light
    So when I write I use the sunlight’s illumination
    Sunrays provide inspiration
    So when I grip the pen, I sniff the wind
    Yo I vibe off the ventilation
    Stay on top of the game like a floatation device
    Keep my disc in rotation, play it twice
    I be slaying mics, always on the calm tip
    Be real, convincing people with my content
    It’s PViz, a walking lexicon
    Stay behind the mask like Jet Li when the weapons drawn
    I seek peace, bringing the word to these mean streets
    Cause OGs be like the Spurs, trying to repeat –
    Some past actions, that’s why they bring heat
    I used my hand signals and let them things speak
    But not by obscene means, do it the right way
    Forget the critics; I don’t care what they might say

    [scratch hook]

    Yo, I’m a rep until I die, 24/7 until I die
    Jesus Christ until I die, I’m a keep repping until I die
    What, I’m a rep until I die, I’m a rep, rep until I die
    I’m a rep, rep until I die, big Praverb repping until I die yeah

  14. Incredible how much he gave to all of us. Thanks Andrew for writing this. You, like Praverb, are one of the people who make this a real community. Rest easy P.

  15. ryan magnole|

    great job.
    he motivated so many. rest in piece praverb and thank you

  16. dope tribute…he was a great dude.

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