Remy Banks – “GLDCHN” F. Bodega BAMZ [Video]

Remy Banks – “GLDCHN” F. Bodega BAMZ [Video]

remy-bamz-videoCongratulations Remy Banks and Bodega BAMZ: Y’all have the best music video of 2013 so far with “GLDCHN“. With the boisterous track serving as the soundtrack, Banks and BAMZ spit their sharp bars at the camera amid footage of a self-proclaimed “rap addict” making his way through Hollywood. That might read like your typical hip-hop video, but where this thing truly goes into the entertainment stratosphere is in the aforementioned shots of the (incredibly funny) addict.

Choice quote:

“The only thing I found that can calm me down is watching Drumline with Nick Cannon, ’cause it infuriates me that he gets to have sex with Mariah Carey, and it brings me back to reality– this horrible existence where I work at a convenience store, I don’t have a girlfriend, and Nick Cannon bangs Mariah Carey.”

Watch below.

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