Ratking Remixed Phantogram’s “Fall In Love” And It’s Fantastic


Don’t you just love it when needless genre barriers crumble like the Berlin Wall? Skillful alt-rock duo Phantogram and NYC hip-hop’s hidden gem, Ratking, have us hoping for a collaborative full length between the two creative groups with the latter’s remix of “Fall In Love.” Originally released as a single by Phantogram eight months ago, “Fall In Love”‘s oscillating energy and searing vocals felt like a rocket ride through blazing stars, an intergalactic rendezvous complete with great music and gargantuan speakers.

Given Ratking’s taste for experimental, and occasionally volatile, production aesthetics, the cross-genre pairing is more than fitting. Stuttered vocal chops and slick twists to the beat set up the remix before Wiki ever enters; the affair is impressive from beginning to end, but the trio leader’s drawn out enunciation and venomous delivery crush the track—even his Migos flow, though a surprise, is on point.

“Do hip-hop for a living, I live hip-hop when I’m sitting/I go up the top when I’m drunk and I’m high and I’m staying on Ritalin”

Stream the “Fall In Love” remix, premiered by Noisey, below.

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  1. comments section getting weird

    this a dope slap tho

  2. Alex Siber|

    Yeah for sure, thanks for your input. Would love for you to send us an email about it

  3. Andrew_Martin520|

    Interesting, but still confused as to who all these concerned people are.

  4. thank you for listening. you’re good at writing; i’m a total prick and would’ve really blasted you if you weren’t. but it was noticeable to us that your tone is distinct from what i’m used to seeing on this site. your contributions are valuable, but they feel (to us) like they’re hitting a different spot on the pallet.

    the “we” is just that i’m writing for more than just myself- does it even matter? I/we/they are all anonymous. i’m not trying to represent the hundreds, just not ignoring my friends

  5. Alex Siber|

    Appreciate your honesty

  6. Andrew_Martin520|

    Who is this “we”?

  7. homie siber we’d really appreciate it if you’d tone down the level of polejock you put in your titles and articles. and not isolate relatively insignificant quotes. like that cozz article, did you really need to highlight the first two lines that successfully said nothing we haven’t heard before?
    also alt/indie/elec rock has been paired with hip hop regularly. there’s no major barrier.

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