Rapper Big Pooh – “Gold Chain”

rapper-big-pooh-gold-chainRapper Big Pooh is back on his boom-bap tip for “Gold Chain”, the lead single off his forthcoming project, Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas. You can thank producer the Mighty DR for the soulful backdrop, which rides out beneath the former Little Brother rapper’s rhymes. He’s showing off his satirical, sharp side on this one, as Pooh reminisces on how he used to want a gold chain, various luxury cars, and the like. But the thing is, he never used them. And what would happen to everyone if he didn’t have those material goods? They’d scatter like roaches.

You can stream the track below.

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  1. williamsdv1017|

    RAPPAH! Literally just got on an LB trip, and THIS blesses my newsfeed?! Nice.

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