Rapper Big Pooh – “Gold Chain” [Video]

rapper-big-pooh-gold-chain-videoRappers have been taking verbal dumps on each other for a variety of reasons since the genre was birthed. And every so often, an MC (or group) aims his or her sights at the constantly flossing, chain upon chain-wearing characters out there who probably aren’t living quite as lavishly as they want you to think. That’s where Rapper Big Pooh and his latest single’s video comes into play. The “Gold Chain” visuals are playful, tongue-in-cheek, and sharp all at once without the content being obvious or getting in the way of the message.

You can watch the video below. Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3 is coming soon.

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  1. this is awesome! atta be pooh

  2. I just like that he looks like he’s having so much fun with it. Don’t see enough rappers smiling.

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