Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes Announce Joint Mixtape ‘The Abstract And The Dragon’

busta-rhymes-q-tip-mixtapeWe have some great news for everyone who loved that new Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip collaboration, “Thank You“. The two longtime collaborators and friends are releasing a mixtape together, The Abstract and The Dragon. Even better, it’s dropping pretty damn soon, or Dec. 12 for everyone who wants to set an alert in their phone. I know I will be, because “Thank You” is too hot for me not to be ridiculously excited about this tape.

And in case this news is way too good for you to believe, just peep Busta’s tweet below.

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  1. “Busta Bust, watch out who you trust”

    Tip predicted Busta’s selling out on “Hold Tight” a while back. Let’s hope he can bring him back to the good side. But low key, the album artwork and the fact that it’s on YMCMB doesn’t give me a whole lot of hope…

  2. Ian Shepard|

    It’s actually a concept album where Tip and Busta travel across the ancient kingdom of Ferelden to do battle with Adrian Veidt’s doomsday squid. Expect a posse cut with Alan Moore and the Jungle Brothers.

  3. Bloodmoney Perez|

    dude. who did they talk to about that cover?! Was there NO ONE who said it was AWFUL?!!! AHAHAHA….I have little faith in busta anymore, so im hoping maybe the influence of Tip can help sway the sound of this. Only took 20years for a team up

  4. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Yeah man it’s awful art

  5. wow not gon front…wackest album cover in a minute…tape should be dope tho

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