Proh Mic – Rhythm For Days

Proh Mic – Rhythm For Days
All Natural Inc.: 2011

The son of an ’80s funk rock guitarist, it’s obvious from the start where Proh Mic received his gifts from. Raised in an intensively musical household in Seattle, Michael James Jamerson not only adapted his love for music from his father, he later adapted his father’s stage name of Proh Mic to start his own foray into the music industry. Since then, Proh Jr. has developed his own career with about three albums and a fairly distinctive brand of electro-soul that has managed to catch the attention of Blu, Coultrain, Dam-Funk and the ever-lovely Strange Fruit Project. After forming the side project Hawthorne Headhunters with I,Ced and Black Spade, Proh has worked on evolving his soundscapes to include more jazz | pop… and released three free mixtapes to prove it. With experience and an extensive discography behind him already, Proh Mic releases his latest album, Rhythm For Days on the All Natural Inc. label.

Drenched in ’80s synthy music (like his tribute to “Don’t Stop”) with the occasional ’70s funkadelic sound, some hip-hop influences and attempts at Prince/D’Angelo vocals soul sprinkled in, Proh Mic cultivates a decent throwback sound with a slightly updated and electronic feel that distinguishes him from a lot of acts out there currently. The lead track, “Mothership”, pays tribute that ’70s funk/’80s synth-pop I previously spoke of, and sets a great tone for the rest of Proh’s album. Georgia Anne Muldrow is a lovely surprise on “I Remember”, a track dedicated to ’80s R&B groove and a time where common sense rule the earth. But its on songs like “Optimistic” where Proh really shines; good topics, great drums and better music in place, Proh also proves his skills on the mic as an MC, and he does not suck in the least. He even shows his range on the Latin-influenced “Easy Luvin” which is bound to have you up and out your seat doing a bootleg version of the Rumba in no time.

In all, a fairly solid project with solid tracks to prove it. While its clear that Proh’s expertise is in hip-hip, funk, and soul, he’s able to create songs that touch any genre and still sound valid and impressive. When thinking of something or someone I can compare his style to, the sound and feel of Frank Ocean and Ryan Leslie occasionally come to mind, but Proh Mic adds his own style and distinctive brand music to create a sound completely his own. Worth the spin. You’ll probably enjoy.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. yeah this was a fun album to review, really. give it a listen.

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