ProbCause – ‘WAVES’ EP


If Waves – the long-hyped EP from Chicagoan rapper ProbCausereleased beside an accompanying video, that short film would feature an abundance of frame-warbling, stutter-stop effects. Producers Drew Mantia and Fortified Sounds together spread a bounce-fueled influence across a good half of the project’s ten tracks; truthfully, though, no beat seems to alter ProbCause‘ callous and energy expending flow.

The budding artist jukes back and forth between syllables, slicing through sonic space with a barrage of bars. Highlights spot the record’s running time (previously released singles; the nostalgic, aptly titled “Back In The Day”). ‘Cause cemented himself as a rapper with considerable skill; the final product feels a bit hallow, but worth a listen nevertheless.

Listen to WAVES below.

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  1. Matthew Ellis|

    not sure about your verdict on this. EP is fucking dope.

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