Prince & 3rd Eye Girl – “LOL (Live Out Loud)”

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl – “LOL (Live Out Loud)”

prince-grammysIt feels like we’re hearing a new Prince joint every other day here at Potholes, though the latest is a bit of a mystery. HipHop-N-More just posted a stream of a new track, “L.O.L. (Live Out Loud)”, that’s credited to Prince and 3rd Eye Girl. I’m assuming that the latter act is just the group of female players he’s been seen with lately, especially because a female vocalist leads the way here. Where things get fishy, though, is that the ’90s-reminiscent jam is nowhere to be found on Prince’s website. Hmm, could this be a real leak? Listen below.

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  1. Daniel Harris
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 09:01:00

    This isn’t one of his project groups is it? Like he did with The Time and Vanity 6.

    Either way, Prince is involved somehow and that is great news.

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