Pretty Lights Disses Danny Brown After “Weak” St. Louis Show [UPDATED]

danny-brown-pretty-lightsDJ/producer Pretty Lights invited Potholes favorite Danny Brown to join him on a leg of his tour that included stops in St. Louis and Nashville. And last night, they had the first stop of the jaunt, which took place in St. Louis, and the show apparently didn’t go so well. Stuff like that is bound to happen, of course, because crowds don’t always react lovingly to openers that may or may not be familiar with. But that doesn’t necessarily lead to the headlining act throwing shade at a supporting artist he invited on the tour.

As you might have guessed, Pretty Lights fired some shots at Danny on Twitter early this morning after what he saw as a “weak” show:

The Detroit native eventually caught wind of this (and tweets from some of Pretty Lights’ dude-bro fans) and addressed the nonsense on his always-entertaining Twitter account. Just to note, we realize that Danny was the one who mentioned the “trash show” first, but he did so by saying that he clearly doesn’t have the same fan base as PL:

But Danny isn’t letting it get to him:

UPDATE: Both Pretty Lights and Danny Brown have sent out additional tweets regarding this whole mess. I’ll start with PL’s first series that seems to want to squash the whole thing.

Upon seeing those, Danny shared his own feelings:

And now for PL’s final words on the matter (I hope) :


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  1. this is retarded. Time to move on

  2. dontlisten2trashmusic|

    Dereks music is heavily influenced by hip hop. He is certainly not milking the industry to get a piece of the pie, he fucks with hip hop it influences his music, theres a track off his new album featuring Talib Kweli. Derek is far from attempting to milk any industry.. he’s true to his fanbase and i assume thats why he reacted strongly after Danny cursed out the crowd and threw a mic at them. listen to the artists on PLM, his label, most of Gramatiks albums are compilations of hip hop beats. Break science has tracks with Talib Kweli, Redman, CX, and others. Nearly every artist that Derek has signed to his label is influenced by or does work with hip hop. Who gives a fuck if hes white, can white people not fuck with hip hop? Derek is trying to “support good hip hop” probably because in all reality when it comes to live shows electronic music is most certainly taking over hip hop, thats why Rock The Bells was canceled this year, while all these electronic festivals are only growing in size. As a matter of fact Pretty Lights was supposed to play Rock The Bells this year, clearly that was management wanted to sell more tickets, however Derek obviously agreed to it because he fucks with hip hop and wanted to support the festival. Dannys not a bad artist but his live show is pretty painful to witness

  3. Evan Butler|

    this article, just like danny brown, is garbage

  4. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    I didn’t mean to be biased and I didn’t realize that Danny was kind of an ass here. Truth be told I should have deleted this shit. Sometimes writers make mistakes and I apologize for coming off like I didn’t.

    Just to note: I have a journalism degree and tend to avoid being biased in more straight news stories like this. But I’m also a huge Danny fan and not big on Pretty Lights’ music these days, so I let my bias take over and, again, made a mistake.

  5. Dude you keep commenting on these posts like your blog post was pristine and error-free. You’re blogger, not a journalist. Accept that there’s flaws to your work. You put out a pretty biased post, (perhaps without intention) supported one side of the argument, and the other side is coming back at you. I’d say you need to jump off your high horse of being a blogger and accept that you may have been wrong at points in this article.

  6. >We all
    oh you have, have you? If you follow Danny Brown at all, this is totally run of the mill for him. He kept it real (While be it in Danny Brown-english) and people took offense. I can totally imagine this show as I’ve seen both artists separately. I could imagine it being pretty enraging to also play to an unresponsive crowd, especially a show that relies on heavy crowd energy (like Danny Brown). No hate to Pretty Lights, just two completely different artists and a bad call by him bringing him on as an opener.

  7. PussyLsdMusic|

    Same deal, house party in Tempe, AZ in ’08. Asked everybody for blow multiple times. When he finally got some he tried to make everyone play flip cup with lines.

  8. senorwoohoo|

    He apologized for doing it publicly. How can you not see that?

  9. how many of you guys were at The Seen in Nashville? Danny Brown is pretty fuckin hype and a great stage performer.

  10. ….why did I read the entire comment section….

  11. WithAGrainOfSalt|

    No. He never apologized. He made clear that he was calling Danny’s throwing of the mic at the crowd “weak”. How are you this biased and bad at researching?

  12. AT Vaillant|

    “I was tripping cause the soundman had my shit sounding like I was playing outta a beats pill in the middle of a castle” thats fucking hilarious

  13. AT Vaillant|

    I took you seriously until you dropped the PLUR acronym

  14. theartsnobs|

    I met Pretty Lights once at a house party after a show he did at my college in upstate new york around ’08. He was literally just walking around begging everybody for blow.

  15. that’s a retarded thing to say…his name is Derek…just like Danny Brown is being called Danny..

  16. Pretty Lights invited the rapper not the other way around.

  17. We have all, at least once, played a super awkward gig, had an unresponsive crowd, had a shitty sound guy, etc…But did we get butthurt and turn our tables (or controllers) off and walk off the stage? Of course not!!…Did we get on social media the next day and thank the city/the promoters/the venue for an awesome show regardless of how it really went? Yes. I just think DB could have handled it a little more properly…

  18. Look at the dates & times on the tweets you posted you dumb fucks. Pretty Lights tweeted the first tweet RESPONDING to Danny B dissing the crowd and St. Louis show. I was at that show last night. Try doing your homework before posting some bullshit and misconstruing the story. Hiring some real journalists. #idiots

  19. I wouldnt call the headliner EDM. Have you listened to his music? If you had then you would know PL is hugely influenced by hip-hop/soul. Go listen to the *studio sessions* of his newer album or his earlier stuff and you will see. Although, I can see a big part of his fan base being into that ‘EDM’

  20. senorwoohoo|

    my life is a sad drake gif response

  21. where are all the sad drake gif responses that this thread desperately warrants

  22. Alicia Miller|

    STS9 had NAS open up for them at RRX… was an interesting idea and mixture but nothing to freak about.

  23. Danny Brown had his DJ walk out on stage and start playing Kendrick Lamar’s m.A.A.d. city and there was no introduction or anything. They both were just standing there and not even trying to get the crowd into the music at all.

  24. senorwoohoo|

    If you look at what I wrote, I said Danny EVENTUALLY caught wind of PL’s words. He said the show was trash and that he and PL clearly don’t have the same fans.

  25. senorwoohoo|

    I do? See how Pretty Lights can’t seem to say one thing or another?

  26. senorwoohoo|

    He publicly called Danny’s show weak and then later apologized for it.

  27. Nice job ordering everything chronologically.

  28. headliner is EDM. if anything rap is trying to fuck with that, since everyone else is.

  29. Danny Brown just stormed off stage halfway through his set. No one in the crowd knew who he was

  30. horrible article. feel bad for the writer. has everything wrong here lol

  31. Brandon Burghall|

    This article seems biased. You do realize Derek’s comments are being taken out of context. I don’t believe he was saying DB was a weak artist or person. Danny threw the mic at the crowd and walked off stage….Derek was likely talking about that shit being weak..

  32. White folks are trying to support good hip hop now. lol Not being racist or anything but could it be because Rap and Hip hop is becoming a thing that everyone is now really starting to fuck with? People milking the industry to get a piece of the pie. haha It might turn into a sweatshop pretty soon. :p

  33. August Mason|

    I just think its ridiculous to call him “Pretty Lights” all the time when talking about him as a person.

  34. senorwoohoo|

    He called the show trash because it was probably a terrible crowd for him. That’s different from calling PL weak or anything like that.

  35. I like that you’re on a first name basis with him.

  36. Jason Brown|

    actually if you look at the dates and times of these tweets danny brown actually threw the first punch

  37. August Mason|

    But, I will also say that Derek definitely did not need to come out and say it was “weak”. That was not cool and uncalled for. Like I said before, just because the Pretty Lights fan base was not into the show, does not mean it was weak, just a difference in taste. Life is too short for bullshit like this. PLUR to everyone!

  38. August Mason|

    Fuck You! Just because artists/fans don’t agree on music, does not necessarily mean a performance was “weak”. After listening to Danny Brown, he is a hell of rapper/lyricist and I’m sure he puts on amazing shows! Unfortunately last night he was in front of a fan base that was not familiar or open to his style of music. Derek should have realized that some of his fans might not be down for hip hop this hard/edgy. Hopefully both can work it out.

  39. man. you have to like, try to not have fun at a Danny Brown show.

  40. haha fuck pretty lights and his gay ass trippy fanbase

  41. senorwoohoo|

    We write about Danny Brown all the time. We’ve written about Pretty Lights before. This is relevant to us and our readers.

    I see your point, though.

  42. deinemudda|

    Really annoying to see a post about it here. This blog ain’t TMZ goddammit

  43. Femi Aborisade|

    Really annoying to watch two artists gnaw at each other on twitter.

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