Potholes Premiere: Nick Astro Embraces Daydreams In “Magic Carpet” Video

Potholes Premiere: Nick Astro Embraces Daydreams In “Magic Carpet” Video


We writers can measure time like anyone else. We watch the calendar pages flip over, peek at our phones and release sighs as 2009 becomes 2015. Or, we can recall when we last heard from particularly talented artists on the upswing who message us their music. In Nick Astro’s case, five months have passed since we helped give “Lies” the props it deserved and feature the rapper’s song on our modest platform. I remember feeling swayed by the Chicago artist’s potential, finishing my write-up with a desire to hear more.

This time around, Astro truly delivered. Today Potholes premieres “Magic Carpet,” possibly Mr. Astro’s finest song to date and a charming, self-directed video. I shiver at the number of quizzical stares I’ll receive in the next month as I wander into restaurants and classrooms singing, “I left your AK47 at home, baby.” Gently sung, the line’s at once comical and critical of Chicago’s violence.

It’s sadly pouring and cold where I reside, but if you’re lucky enough to call a currently warm and dry climate home, watch “Magic Carpet” and then head outdoors. This video will make the New Englanders among us a bit jealous of the summer scenery. Watch the visual below, follow Nick on Twitter here and keep an eye out for Listen To New Music, a wonderfully titled project if we’ve ever seen one.

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