Potholes x Prefix Present: Summer Sampler [Compilation]

You already know what it is. Seriously, I cannot thank everyone involved enough. From the artists to the PR folks to Theodore Taylor III (who made the delicious art work) to everyone else. This is the culmination of months of hard work and deciding that we finally just need to get this out there. I mean come on, just look at how lucky with tracks from the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Sonymoon, Von Pea, YC The Cynic, WrittenHouse, Datahowler, DaVinci, Intuition…I’m not naming everyone. Just get to downloading, enjoy the last month or so of summer, and bump the shit out of the tracks on here.

You can download the Summer Sampler after the jump. And because I teased you all so much, peep the Danny Brown track below.

[audio:http://potholesinmyblog.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Trunk-prod.-Doe-Pesci.mp3|titles=Trunk (prod. Doe Pesci)]

Download: Potholes x Prefix – Summer Sampler (Mediafire)

Download: Potholes x Prefix – Summer Sampler (Usershare)

19 thoughts on “Potholes x Prefix Present: Summer Sampler [Compilation]

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  1. […] Check hier voor de mixtape […]

  2. Can I get a new dwnld link? mediafire wont let because of von pea and usershare link takes me to porn

  3. KINGGS (formally) of iR. I’m going to deviant off-topic to tell you that this site is fucking awesome.

    Keep pluggin’ away.

  4. Great sampler! The Lushlife Sinfonia remix of SV’s “EZ Up” gets maximum reload!

  5. Fred Castano|

    Mixes like these make me wish I had a car stereo. Bumping summer music while driving gives it a unique sound and experience that makes the summer that much more awesome

    *shakes fist at dirty rotten car stereo thieves*

  6. Beyond geeked. Or geekdom?

    I’m geekin’ either way.


  7. Damn couldn’t beleive that von pea joint was put on this. Sh1t been lookin for that joint for a minute….Dope compilation potholes

  8. Diving head-first into this circle j…

  9. I’m loving this tape!

  10. I need to hear track 2 and 10 from Disc 1 and 4, 6, 7, and 10 from Disc 2.

  11. Get a room you two.

  12. David Reyneke|

    Dear Andrew Martin,
    I love you.
    Yours truly,
    -David Reyneke

  13. Nah, it’s not, but I know some people wanted to hear his track.

  14. what the f… seriously if the rest is like that danny brown track I’ma have to pass

  15. PULLED MAH _ _ _ _ OUT AND SHE SUCKED MAH _ _ _ _

  16. “Ridin round the hood with the trunk on BANG”

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