Potholes Website Announcement

Hey Readers,

If you haven’t noticed over the past few weeks, our stream of content has died down a bit. We have been battling with understaffing, along with a few other obstacles, which have led us to some changes here at the site. With that, you probably also noticed the two new columns on the front page, “Curation” & “Creation.” We hope that this will help us differentiate between our blog content and our label content moving forward, and also allow us to focus more on what original music we are putting out there.

Moving forward, all content streaming through “Curation” will feature regular news, videos and mp3 streams you have come to know and love here at Potholes. “Creation” will serve as a way for us to better capitalize off our  label projects under Potholes Music. We have a ton of great releases coming up, including albums from rapper X, Black Noi$e & BK Beats, Javis FauX, Man Mantis and much more.

We feel that this new format will also take a lot of the stress off of us as far as being solely a news feed, as we continue to find ourselves more constrained by the realities of also having to work real jobs, go to school and the like. You can still expect us to work to curate an excellent music experience, though!

With that, we’d love to get any additional feedback from you guys, the readers. We really value your opinion and hope that you can get down with our new direction. While it isn’t all that different, it is indeed a change, and we’d like to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks,
-David Reyneke