Potholes Presents: Space Toast [Instrumental Compilation]


Potholes In My Blog is proud to announce the release of Space Toast, the blog’s second instrumental compilation featuring exclusive tracks from a host of international beatmakers including Keyboard Kid (Lil B’s main producer), Dr. Quandary, Skywlkr, Keor Meteor, Handbook, MF Love and more.

Like its predecessor Midnight Snacks, Space Toast was crafted to showcase some of Potholes’ most loved artists and producers of the moment. The compilation is an intimate joyride of smooth, fog-lifting cosmic beats born out of the blog’s ongoing mission to encourage music discovery and garner attention for the increasingly global landscape of talented artists and producers.

Space Toast perfectly captures the family ethos and forward-thinking music taste for which Potholes has come to be known, and we hope that it glides its way into your summer listening– whether it be in the a.m., beside your reading chair, or along any number of zero gravity cosmic adventures you stumble upon along the way.

You can stream and download Space Toast for free below.

Download: Potholes Presents: Space Toast [Mediafire]

Track listing:

01 Keor Meteor – “First Lights”
02 Say My Name – “El Judicial”
03 Jansport J – “Love & Be Loved”
04 Javis FauX – “Old Spice”
05 Dr. Quandary – “Branches & Bells”
06 SWARVY – “Write A Book”
07 MF Love – “Watchu Mean”
08 Bahwee – “Nice One”
09 Handbook – “Feel Real”
10 Keyboard Kid – “Morning Breakfast”
11 Skywlkr – “Allywlkr”
12 Falside – “Boogers”
13 Silky Johnson – “Cream”
14 F.olk – “Wingstop&thegoodwine”
15 Jesse Futerman – “One For Irvine” F. Rise

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  2. Great!!!

  3. Streetviper08|

    Amazing! I love when you do compilations of instrumentals!! Keep them coming!!

  4. Best Comp Yet~ Keep em comin’

  5. Truehubris|

    Love me some Dr. Quandry.

  6. erikstabile|

    Can’t wait to check this out http://maxgif.com/Zl

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