Potholes Presents: Cosmic Island [Instrumental Compilation]

We have already brought you some Midnight Snacks and even a slice of Space Toast, but now we’re proud to present our latest instrumental compilation. It’s Cosmic Island, a collection of 16 exclusive tracks from some of our favorite producers the world over. The future-funk/boom-bap sound that permeated throughout our previous releases remains present here, as does the love and appreciation for soul music.

You’ll hear touches of electro on Cosmic Island, too, with some producers, including Def Sound and Durkin, bringing synth-laden bangers to the soiree. Elsewhere, Ohbliv weaves a mellow, smoked-out groove, Ryan Hemsworth pens a sonic ode to his dead Super Nintendo, and Lakim takes a trip back to ’97.

Those are but a few of the lunchtime goodies you’ll find within Cosmic Island, which you can stream and download in its entirety below. Enjoy. And as always, a big thanks to our Art Director, Theodore Taylor III.

Download: Potholes Presents: Cosmic Island [Bandcamp]

Track listing:

  1. Def Sound & RC Beats – “Applebum (All Sprite)”
  2. Ohbliv – “Erb Magik”
  3. Ta-ku – “Makes Me Feel”
  4. Simon SMTHNG – “Frozen Pools”
  5. Tall Black Guy – “I See You”
  6. Suhnraw – “Roads”
  7. Shag – “Sexy Ways”
  8. Languid – “Bring The Tide (Times)”
  9. Durkin – “Max Cool”
  10. chrisAre – “Lurk”
  11. Equalibrum – “Modern Times”
  12. KVZE – “Real Time Zone”
  13. Prof.Logik – “Like The Breeze”
  14. EOM – “Out There V2”
  15. Lakim – “1997”
  16. Ryan Hemsworth – “Single Player (Tribute To My Broken SNES)”

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  1. I’m only catching onto these. Good stuff.

  2. Cwilllove3 18|

    Love it…track for track it. dope, thx for the download

  3. lulz, switchin it up homeboy!

  4. Ah man, no food reference? Potholes Music is selling out. Fuck that, too mainstream.

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