Potholes Premiere: Stream IGLOOGHOST’s Remake Of kidkanevil’s “Shunkanido”

Potholes Premiere: Stream IGLOOGHOST’s Remake Of kidkanevil’s “Shunkanido”

iglooghost, kidkanevil

Somewhere in South England, an inspired 17-year-old is quietly on the cusp of greatness. An oscillating sea of colorful sounds surround him, swarming like locusts though never unfocused in their longterm direction – forward.

That 17-year-old goes by the name of IGLOOGHOST, an enigmatic artist whose sonic template screams of stuttering, sputtering acrobatics – like a gargantuan, intergalactic factory undergoing hundreds of simultaneous processes. In his latest effort, a radical remake of fellow producer kidkanevil’s recently released song “Shunkanido”, a sort of bliss blossoms from the scatterbrain collection of drive-heavy synths, sparse samples and tumbling kicks.

Whereas the still-skillful original embarks on a journey of tranquil subtleties – its cinematic pianos dancing like a beautiful ballad -, the remake throws calm to the wind in favor of grandiose ambition; both approaches are damn near flawless, and both deserve colossal recognition.

IGLOOGHOST himself shared with us some insightful, rather hilarious words in regard to his overhauling efforts:

“kidkanevil sent me the stems to his gorgeous sadboi piano based tearjerker blip bloop bleeper & i kinda re-contextualised the vibe into this more outer feeling maybe? if the original shunkanido is getting sad n thinking abt shit too hard, my version is like punching a beanbag afterwards. i sing in the middle as well lol. it’s as much as an inspired original track is it is a remix i think.”

Stream IGLOOGHOST’S astounding remake of “Shunkanido” below. Follow IGLOOGHOST on Twitter here. Listen to kidkanevil’s original version – along with the fantastic album from which it hails – here.

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