Potholes Premiere: Stream Harts’ Funky New Single “Angels Walk Below”

harts-angels-walk-belowHarts is the very definition of a one-man band, seeing how he plays, records, produces, engineers, and mixes all of his music himself. But don’t let that make you assume the guy spreads himself too thin, causing the quality of his music to suffer. Quite the contrary, in fact, a fact made clear by his latest single, “Angels Walk Below.”

The track is a pure funk-pop earworm, bursting with slick guitar licks, handclaps, and headnod-inducing rhythms—a damn-near perfect recipe for a tune worthy of all the attention it’s sure to garner. Also, it’s no surprise that Harts has caught the attention of one of music’s greatest artists ever in Prince, who said the following of the up-and-coming artist: “He reminds me of how I was at that age.”

Can you imagine the pressure you’d feel after someone like Prince saying that about your music? Funny enough, “Angels Walk Below” is such an effortless track that you’d think Harts is a veteran, not a young and gifted dude on the rise.

Below, you can stream the U.S. premiere of “Angels Walk Below.”

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