Potholes Premiere: San Williams – “Really Good To Me” F. Eyukaliptus

san williams

Slow and steady wins the race, or so goes the old proverb. San Williams, an ATLien of formidable skill, walks through watery wastelands and dreamy destinations with “Really Good To Me”. Formed by the sounds of muddied piano and a slow-shuffled drum beat, the pensive record reaps the benefits of perfect synergy: Williams’ voice fluctuates with a certain resonance, as if balancing passion and reservation, while a luscious landscape progresses forward beneath the surface.

From this capturing of multiple emotions stems a license with which you may travel wherever you please; lyrics, production and vocals together work to fill so many areas of a sentimental void. Lust, love, fear, nostalgia and reflection reverberate to the piano keys. “Really Good To Me” is a song to think to.

We are thrilled to premiere to the world such a special offering from an individual with immense talent (and another, what with Eyukaliptus’s mesmerizing beat). Stream “Really Good To Me” below.

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