Potholes Premiere: Natural Self – A Sound and a Feeling [Mixtape]

Natural Self is on an absolute tear right now. Although it would be tremendous to hear a new full-length of all original music, at the moment I’ll listen to just about anything with this musician’s name on it. Thankfully, Potholes is lucky enough to be presenting his latest mixtape, A Sound and a Feeling, exclusively and free of charge! There are some original tracks on here, as well as remixes and songs from the likes of Radiohead, Young Jazz Rebels, Alice Coltrane, Quadron, Sweet Breeze, Kalifi and more. This mix was created to celebrate his My Heart Beats: Remixes & Versions EP, which is out today!

Hit the skip for the download link and track listing, and as always – share with us your thoughts.

Download: Natural Self – A Sound and a Feeling

5 thoughts on “Potholes Premiere: Natural Self – A Sound and a Feeling [Mixtape]

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  1. Yeah man, Natural Self is the man. Check out his album The Art of Vibration.

  2. This is the fuckin’ awesomesauce for sure. Thanks for this one…totally slept on this cat.

  3. my heart beats gonna come on wax?

    wonderful tunes we thank you

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