Potholes Premiere: Listen to SwamiMillion x Fawda Trio’s “Limone” and “Bacio”

Potholes Premiere: Listen to SwamiMillion x Fawda Trio’s “Limone” and “Bacio”

swamimillion-fawda-trioAfter meeting each other in September 2013, SwamiMillion (aka LV) and the Fawda Trio realized that they had to work together. So they did, and the resulting collaborating was a performance at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, the city where the trio calls home. Given that the show was a success, the two acts decided that their work together couldn’t end there. Thus, they carved out time to hit the studio—a Moroccan studio, to be precise—where they recorded an album in a week’s time.

While it’s unclear how that record will sound, we’re getting a taste of it by way of some swift sampling in these two tracks from Beats For The Road To Essaouira. As that title implies, these songs stem from a beat tape. But what you couldn’t deduce is that the beats, “Limone” and “Bacio” in the case of this post, were crafted using samples from SwamiMillion and Fawda Trio’s recording session for their album, which will be called The Road To Essaouira. Yeahhh, you get it now. Right? I hope so. If not, just peep these peeps and try not to break your neck.

You can hear “Limone” and “Bacio” below.

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    Nov 28, 2014 @ 01:04:42

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