Potholes Premiere: Download Steel Tipped Dove’s Majestic New Album ‘Nothing Touches The Ground Here’

steel-tipped-dove-nothingWe’ve shown a lot of love to Brooklyn producer Steel Tipped Dove over the past few years thanks to his standout solo work and choice collaborations with cats like Bill Ding, Kool A.D., and many others. He also contributed to one of the best projects we put out here at Potholes. So with that, I’m proud to say we’re premiering Steel’s latest solo venture, Nothing Touches The Ground Here, which is one of the most majestic albums I’ve heard so far this year.

It’s like if M83 went back to more beat-focused music and left the nostalgic, ’80s-referencing pop tunes behind for a minute. It’s also like hurtling through space on the back of a comet while someone triggers samples and drum beats into the headphones clenched around your skull. It’s… beautiful, really, and it’s difficult to more gratifyingly sum up my feelings after listening to Nothing… a number of times over the past week or so.

Here’s what downswayze, who wrote the album’s one sheet, said about the album:

This album is basically the soundtrack that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would throw on before kicking his feet up and entering a long mescaline fueled bullshit session. It’s music that people who are comfortable contemplating the mind-breaking scare of the universe use as the soundtrack to their love making sessions. It’s what rain forest shaman’s play when they need to unwind after getting some particularly heavy news from the celestial sphere they’ve been conversing with. If any of that sounds like it’s too much for you- it probably is.

Normally, I hate using quotes from press releases because they’re typically littered with BS and hyperbolic filler, but dude nailed it here.

You can hear Nothing… below and download it here.

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