Potholes Podcast (V.C.)

potholes-podcast-vcV.C. is the producer alias of Helsinki resident Jukka Santanen, who on Dec. 6 will release his debut full-length. It’s Invisibility, a 12-track release that finds him tinkering with a sampler, guitar amplifiers, synthesizers, and various effects to craft his signature approach to instrumentals. He’s joined by a few vocalists on the album including Detroit CYDI, who appear on standout banger “Move”.

Funny enough, that track is one of my favorite moments on the Potholes Podcast supplied by V.C., who weaved together one hell of a 40-minute mix here. In addition to his own music, you’ll hear cuts from Arts The Beatdoctor, D.I.T.C., Fulgeance, and others. It serves as both a killer introduction to V.C.’s upcoming album and his influences. Just make sure you have a neckbrace handy.

You can stream the mix and “Invisibility” below. The track list for the mix is between the two streams. Shouts to Theodore Taylor III on the art.

Track list:

  1. Lazer Falcon – MXGHTY
  2. Lavender Worm – Pond 2
  3. FilosofishceStilte – Home Grown
  4. Lazer Crotch – Jacked Up
  5. V.C. feat Detroit Cydi – Move
  6. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost in the Machine
  7. Fade Runner – Funk 125
  8. Rufio Jones – Affirmative
  9. DITC – Internationally Known
  10. Lavender Worm – Synchronized Swimming
  11. V.C. – Closing In
  12. Fulgeance – Stupido/Dopehead (Some people say BLEND)
  13. V.C. – Yes
  14. Randy Barracuda – 10 Rock
  15. V.C. – Bills That Make You Go Hmmm

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  1. thanks man!

  2. You’ll find both tracks on Lavender Worm’s EP that’s coming out on Raha & Tunteet in early 2014.

  3. yo WHERE can I find that Lavender Worm track? And more stuff by him/her/them…

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