Potholes Podcast (Sadistik)

Potholes Podcast (Sadistik)

potholes-podcast-sadistikBack in 2008, Seattle rapper Sadistik released his powerful debut album, The Balancing Act. Since then, he went on to collaborate with other artists, including A Kid Called Computer and Kristoff Krane, while painstakingly piecing together his sophomore full-length. And this past Tuesday, said album finally arrived in Flowers for My Father. The record, which is dedicated to his father, is filled with sharp, insightful rhymes from both Sadistik and his guests. Additionally, there are notably engaging beats from several PIMB favorites, including Kno, of CunninLynguists, and Blue Sky Black Death.

In creating his guest podcast for Potholes, Sadistik wanted to showcase the work of the artists who appear on Flowers for My Father. This means you’ll hear some tunes from the acts I already mentioned along with the likes of Cage, Ceschi, Astronautalis, and the absurdly slept-on Child Actor.

You can listen below.

Track listing:

  1. Ceschi – “Frank Propose”
  2. Sadistik – “Snow White”
  3. Lotte Kestner – “Cliff”
  4. Kno – “Graveyard”
  5. Sadistik (Feat. Cage) – “Russian Roulette”
  6. Cage – “Misanthrope”
  7. Blue Sky Black Death – “Sleeping Children are Still Flying”
  8. Child Actor – “Fame”
  9. CunninLynguists (Feat. Tonedeff) – “Enemies With Benefits”
  10. Astronautalis – “Midday Moon”

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