Potholes Podcast (Repainted Tomorrow Vol. 1)

repainted tomorrow vol 1 podcast Potholes Podcast (Repainted Tomorrow Vol. 1)We couldn’t be more excited about the Repainted Tomorrow producer showcase that we’re helping put on next Saturday (Oct. 19) in Charlotte, N.C. The lineup includes Ohbliv, Prof.Logik, Simon SMTHNG, Sunday Morning, Axnt, and Jopedo along with a live art presentation. And to get y’all ready for it, we had Simon put together a special Potholes Podcast highlighting the work of all the producers taking part in the show. This is the perfect way to get familiar with any of the artists you might not know just yet. It’s also one hell of a soundtrack to complement whatever work you’re doing right now, whether you’re at the office or studying in the library (or even in class). Enjoy.

As a reminder, the show takes place on Saturday, Oct. 19 from 8 to 11 p.m. at Area 15, 516 E. 15th St. in Charlotte, N.C. You can purchase tickets beforehand here.

You can stream the mix and peep the track list below.

Track list:

  1. Jopedo – Tron Rock
  2. Prof.Logik – Come Again
  3. Bibio – Like A Sundial (Axnt Edit)
  4. Sunday Morning – monday’s commute
  5. Simon SMTHNG – passports
  6. Ohbliv – cap_n
  7. Prof.Logik – Grey Skies
  8. Axnt – Learn To Float
  9. Simon SMTHNG – group
  10. Sunday Morning – Absolute
  11. Jopedo – Reunion