Potholes Podcast (Mikky Ekko)

Potholes Podcast (Mikky Ekko)

potholes-podcast-mikky-ekkoWe’ve been hooked on singer-songwriter/producer Mikky Ekko since we heard his Clams Casino-produced single, “Pull Me Down“, last October. This led us to dig back into his discography and it turns out that he has a few pretty damn good EPs to his name. Not only that, but he recently watched his stock rise considerably following a guest appearance on Rihanna’s “Stay” single. He even took the stage with RiRi at this year’s Grammy Awards and I’m willing to bet you have heard their collaboration on the radio at least a few times.

Most recently, Mikky shared a self-described “rough demo” called “Disappear” that he produced himself. It stems from the sessions for an upcoming project, which I’m hoping arrives this summer. Until then, we’re proud to bring you this new mix that he put together as part of our Potholes Podcast series. Here’s how he described his picks:

“Right now I’m doing a lot of digging for colors. Sonically, I love the aggression and beauty of all these songs. I get really geeky about mixing and engineering and doing things the wrong way to create something new. Experimentation is the foundation of most of my songs, so, for me, listening to a playlist like this is calming and stimulating. Also I’m a sucker for a nasty beat and that puts most of these tunes right up my alley. It’s a pretty decent snapshot of the maximalist in me.”

You can stream the mix below. Thanks to our art director, Theodore Taylor III, for the cover.


  1. marc heilbrunn
    May 24, 2013 @ 02:25:00

    dope! theo you crazy for this one

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