Potholes Podcast (Lewis James)

podcast-lewis-jamesThis past summer, Amsterdam producer Lewis James released one of the most important projects of his career in the Desire for Infinity EP. The synth-fueled effort arrived following multiple rewrites and restarts. And as frustrating as it must have been to start and scrap material over the years, it definitely paid off with this EP.

Desire for Infinity is a killer, and that’s exactly why we asked James to come up with the latest installment in our Potholes Podcast series. His mix features a slew of his own material, some of which is previously unreleased, along with a never-before-heard tune from Dolor, a soon-coming remix of Paper Tiger by Lewis James, and a choice Mr. Carmack joint.

You can hear the mix and view its track listing below. You can buy the EP on Bandcamp. Shouts to Theodore Taylor III for the art!

Track list:

  1. Lewis James – Contemporary Man (unreleased)
  2. Paper Tiger – Treasure Town (Lewis James remix) (forthcoming Wah Wah 45’s)
  3. SwamiMillion – Droids (alter id)
  4. MoreSounds – Flash Bodega (self release)
  5. Dolor – Dolor x Busta Rhymes. (unreleased)
  6. Lewis James – Vesuvius (Original Cultures)
  7. Om Unit x Sam Binga – Gamma (Exit Records)
  8. EAN – Burnt (Cosmic Bridge)
  9. Boxcutter – (feat. Ken & Ryu) Dream Gator (drums only mix) (Cosmic Bridge)
  10. Lewis James – Wrinkle Free. (Original Cultures)
  11. Lewis James – Whole (Original Cultures)
  12. Mr. Carmack – Death
  13. Lewis James – All Or Nothing (Original Cultures)
  14. Lewis James – Million Dollar Lady (Day Dawn Night Remix) (Original Cultures)
  15. Lewis James – Worse (Original Cultures)
  16. Lewis James – All or Nothing (LV remix) (Original Cultures)
  17. Lorn – Weigh me Down. (Ninja tune)

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