Potholes Podcast (Jesse Futerman)

Potholes Podcast (Jesse Futerman)

Production wizard Jesse Futerman dropped one of the iller instrumental efforts of the year in Fuse The Witches EP. It’s a stylish, often jazzy romp that demonstrates the Toronto resident’s immense talents. He’s not just showing off, though; dude’s made a project that’s just as engaging as it is impressive. That’s no easy feat, and after we heard the EP we figured it was time for Futerman to share his own guest mix here on Potholes. It’s a brief affair at a mere seven tracks, but it’s one you definitely need this summer when you’re lounging on a hot afternoon and need some breezy music in your life.

You can stream the podcast here and download it below.

Download: Potholes Podcast (Jesse Futerman) [Right Click Save-As]

Track listing:

  1. The Incubator – Re:us
  2. Mizz Beats – Scientific Brainpriest
  3. Floating Points – Esthian 3
  4. Amenta – Maybe A Dream
  5. Sarah Vaughn – Mystery Of Man
  6. P.E. Hewitt – Ill Love Song
  7. Phaorah Sanders – Harvest Time



  1. Euphonic562
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 13:52:00

    why does the stream always auto stop?

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