Potholes Podcast (Jeremiah Jae)

podcast-jeremiah-jaeAs you have probably noticed if you peruse Potholes frequently, we’re big fans of the work of Brainfeeder/Warp rapper-producer Jeremiah Jae. Lately, he’s been assisting frequent collaborators Oliver The 2nd and Dirty Sinatra on their respective projects, though they have returned the favor by appearing on Jae’s recent string of Dirty Collection releases.

And to celebrate his latest work and the killer year that he’s had, we reached out to the Chicago native to put together the latest entry in our Potholes Podcast series. He turned it around in a flash, lacing us with nearly a half-hour of material from acts ranging from Kraftwerk to the White Stripes to Miles Davis and everything in between. You’ll also hear some never-before-heard Oliver The 2nd and, oh yeah, speaking of Miles, the track was actually produced by Jae’s dad, Robert Irving III, who also played keys on it and the rest of the You’re Under Arrest LP.

You can stream the mix and peep its track listing below. Jae’s latest release, Dirty Collections Vol. 3, is out now. Thank you, as always, to Theodore Taylor III for the art, which was actually a collaboration of sorts with Jae.

Track list:

  1. Kraftwerk – Mitternacht
  2. Pink Floyd – Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
  3. The White Stripes – Black Math
  4. Indonesian Psych – ???
  5. Hallucination Generation (1966)
  6. Sun Ra – Lights On a Satellite
  7. Sun Ra – Brazilian Sun
  8. Miles Davis – One Phone Call Street Scenes
  9. Fela Kuti – J’ehin J’ehin
  10. Soft Machine – Slightly All The Time
  11. Alain Goraguer – Ten Et Tiwa Dorment
  12. David Axelrod – Fantasy For Ralph
  13. Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  14. K-embry – Track 10
  15. Oliver the 2nd – ???
  16. Jeremiah Jae – The Prologue
  17. Jeremiah Jae – Wild Dogs
  18. Os Brazoes – Planador
  19. Hallucination Generation (1966)

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  1. I wish he knew the band/song around the 4 min mark. That was some of the best 30 sec of music I’ve ever heard O_O

  2. Nice mix.

  3. Damn this is sssooooo good! Wish it was available for dowload.

  4. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    I’m avoiding it just because of potential copyright issues. Sorry!

  5. Wicked mix though, Jeremiah Jae continues to impress me with everything he does.

  6. and any chance of a dl link?

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