Potholes Podcast (Jel + Odd Nosdam)

While we’re technically labeling this as a guest podcast, this exclusive Potholes release is actually more like a beat tape from two of our favorite producers. Jel and Odd Nosdam, who teamed up with Serengeti for C.A.R., put together a 16-minute excursion through dusty, diggin’-in-the-crates sounds. It ends up actually sounding more like a beat tape from the duo, who got the whole thing mixed by Matthewdavid. Yeah, there are some heavy hitters working together here, so you best not be snoozin’.

Here’s what Odd Nosdam said about the project.

We each picked five choice tunes from our record collections. Nosdam digitized the 10 selections, edited the songs down and/or looped up parts for Jel to play over. Once Nosdam got a rough sequence of edits and loops going, Jel stepped up and banged out MPC drums live over the bulk of the shit (first & last tune are sans Jel drums). Nosdam then added 808s throughout and did the final mix. Matthewdavid mastered the thing.

You can stream the podcast here and download it below.

Download: Potholes Podcast (Jel + Odd Nosdam) [Right Click Save-As]

Track list:

  1. Tall Dwarfts – “Boys”
  2. Brass Monkey – “Strange Days”
  3. Bull – “Feelin’ Pretty Good”
  4. Whatnauts – “Heads Up”
  5. Freedom – “Fly”
  6. Bo Hansson – “Time For Great Achievements”
  7. Jukka Tolonen – “Last Quarters”
  8. Keith Jarrett – “Mortgage On My Soul (Wah-Wah)”
  9. John Fahey – “Dance of the Inhabitants of the Invisible City of Bladensburg”
  10. P.F. Flyer – “Just Floating”

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  1. thoroughbred|

    holy moly mothership witt explosive…..>

  2. Koshaklives|

    Obviously, the fucking coolest. Miss you guys.

  3. sounds really dope so far

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