Potholes Podcast (Dwele)

We are very excited and proud to bring you the latest guest Potholes Podcast, which was put together by none other than smooth soul-man Dwele. In addition to naming 15 tracks for the playlist, he also offered an explanation for why he chose he each song. This podcast arrives prior to the release of his very promising-sounding new album, Greater Than One, which arrives this coming Tuesday, Aug. 28.

You can stream the podcast here and download it below. That’s where you’ll also find the track listing..

Download: Potholes Podcast (Dwele) [Right Click Save-As]

  1. Stevie Wonder – “All I Do” The fender rhodes comes in so hard on this track! I went crazy when I found out my favorite song had Eddie Levert, Betty White, and MJ on the hook.
  2. Prince – “All My Dreams” When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I see crazy ’80s inspired cartoons dancin around and singin the verses haha. I wish I could remake this joint…hmm…
  3. Marvin Gaye – “You Sure Love To Ball” The mix on this song is so light and airy. He’s not even really talkin’ about anything in this song, But it grooves so hard! Definitely THAT mood setter.
  4. Todd Rundgren- “Can We Still Be Friends” I’ve always loved Todd’s chord changes. I heard/noticed this song for the first time on Vanilla Sky. The change 1:30 into the song…incredible.
  5. D’Angelo – “Africa” I wish I made this song…Vibe…that is all
  6. Erykah Badu – “Other Side Of The Game” The song that originally created my crush for Badu. the mix is like honey. Not a lot going on in the song, vocal, horns, rhodes, drums, single string line…and it works.
  7. J’Davey – “Private Parts” Some songs are just supposed to sound dirty and demo-ish…this is one of them. Seductive vocals, wah pedal and synths… they got in the Delorean, hit 88 mph, ended up in the ’80s, found Prince and convinced him to mix it.
  8. Drake – “Cameras” First listen, you think “ok, he’s about to sing ” then the drums hit, and you instantly can’t wait to hear it in the truck on a Friday night under Detroit city lights.
  9. Future – “Magic” Yea I know… I sing and create soul music…I also grew up on Joy Road across from the murdermac Westside Detroit…and I love the Ghetto Ballet.
  10. Notorious B.I.G. – “Everyday Struggle” There’s too many Biggie songs to choose from for this list. This song takes me back to when me and my people were experiencin’ life for the first time with licenses.
  11. Jay -Z – “Friend Or Foe” The Streets Is Watchin is what made me want to learn how to shoot my own. Shameless…but plugged. “You draw? better be Picasso..” The horn sample, lyrics and delivery = favorite.”
  12. Beyonce – “Party” This song is so ’90s girl group-esque. I still can’t put my finger on what song it reminds me of. Love Beyonce’s vocal delivery and I love how this song comes on in the club and changes the whole vibe. It could be a fight poppin’ off, this song comes on and everybody’s instantly smiling and chanting “Party!”
  13. Dirty Projectors – “Temecula Sunrise” I walked into a boutique store in Toronto and this song was playing. The sloppy drums and tempo change grabbed me and said “This is a good time to try out that new app you got called Shazam.”
  14. Jill Scott – “Talk To Me” I love curveballs in music. First time I heard this song and it switched to swing halfway through, I knew I’d never get sick of this one.
  15. Eric Roberson – “If I Had A Chance” I love droppin’ this song when I DJ ’cause I feel like everybody needs to know this one. Just a feel good song with a simple infectious hook.

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  1. It’s like Dwele.went into my itunes, found the songs with the most plays on them and put them together conveniently… Touche. WORKIN ON IT!

  2. Nice picks, Dwele. You should listen to some more DP and you’ll be surprised by how wicked they are!

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