Potholes Podcast (Arts The Beatdoctor)

arts-the-beatdoctor-potholes-podcastDutch producer and Potholes favorite Arts the Beatdoctor is getting ready to release a new EP, Lazy Thunder, on Sept. 24. And as soon as we heard that, we decided it was time for him to put together a Potholes Podcast of his own. While Arts might be better known for his laid-back approach to producing, he decided to crank up the BPM a bit on both his new EP and this mix.

The podcast clocks in at around 43 minutes and features two tracks from his upcoming EP (“Ghost in the Machine” and “IL404”) along with stellar cuts from Lapalux, Jonwayne, Moods, Comfort Fit, Shigeto, and Ifan Dafydd, among others. Speaking of Lapalux, his track “Moments” gets blended into A$AP Rocky‘s “Wild for the Night” for what is easily the weirdest, most engrossing portion of this mix.

You can stream the podcast and peep its track list below. You can also pre-order the EP on Amazon. Thank you, as always, to Theodore Taylor III for the awesome artwork.

Track list:

  1. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine (from Lazy Thunder EP, out Sept. 24)
  2. Jonwayne – Andrew’s Dead
  3. Koen – 447
  4. Arts The Beatdoctor – IL404 (from Lazy Thunder EP)
  5. Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler
  6. Moods – Stimulus
  7. Comfort Fit – Moonshine Navigator
  8. Bombay Show Pig – Fingerprint (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
  9. Sneaze – Cloudseeker
  10. Nangdo – Coco Eyes
  11. Lapalux – Moments (featuring PY) / A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night
  12. Leadsmen – Words Unspoken (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
  13. Shigeto – Field Trip
  14. FilosofischeStilte – Growth
  15. Krampfhaft – Marram
  16. D Tiberio – Make It All Everything
  17. Ifan Dafydd – Treehouse
  18. Arts The Beatdoctor – Rivers

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