Potholes Podcast (AbJo)

Potholes Podcast (AbJo)

Potholes Music’s own AbJo is the latest artist to put together a guest podcast and to call it a must-download for hip-hop fans would be an understatement. His mix is essential for music lovers across the board, particularly those with a penchant for jazz and funk. There is plenty of hip-hop on here, too, from the likes of J Dilla, Hodgy Beats, Madlib, and, of course, AbJo himself. You’ll also find cuts from other Potholes favorites like Thundercat and Nujabes (R.I.P.) across this majestic podcast that really puts all the music AbJo has created in perspective.

You can stream the podcast here and download it below.

Download: Potholes Podcast (AbJo) [Right Click Save-As]

Track listing:

01 Kool & The Gang – “Little Children”
02 AbJo – “All The Lovely… (Oooooh)”
03 Jay Dee (AKA J Dilla) – “Flyyyy”
04 Thundercat – “For Love I Come”
05 AbJo – “To Reflect Eternal…” (“For Love I Come” flip)
06 AbJo – “Love It Will Be” (Thundercat’s “Is It Love” flip)
07 Slum Village & DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Are You Ready?”
08 Hodgy Beats – “If Heaven Was A Ghetto”
09 Madlib – “Devils” f. The Firm
10 The Five Corners Quintet – “Three Corners”
11 George Duke – “Omi (Fresh Water)”
12 George Duke – “Dawn”
13 J Dilla – “One More Try”
14 Black Milk – “Dreams”
15 Yutaka Yokokura – “Evening Star”
16 AbJo – “WeRunTheNight (The Phrenologists)”
17 Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – “Casa Forte”
18 Pat Metheny – “Into The Dream”
19 AbJo – “Let’s Take It Forward (For Dilla)”
20 Nujabes – “Under The Hood (Specifics [Modal Soul Classics Remix])”
21 Chuuwee – “The Livest One” (prod. by AbJo)
22 The Weekenders (WKNDRS – BAMCIRCA86, Real J. Wallace, Chuuwee, Piff “PCH” Herrera, AbJo) – “Screwface”
23 Mood – “Secrets of the Sand (J Dilla Remix)”
24 Kool & The Gang – “Summer Madness”

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