Potholes Music Releases Emay’s ‘Into It’ EP

Potholes Music Releases Emay’s ‘Into It’ EP

Into It serves as the Potholes Music debut of Montreal-born rapper-producer Emay. Known for his talents as both a producer and an MC, the multi-talented artist is sticking to his beat-crafting skills on this free five-track EP. It centers on samples stemming from indie rock outfit Ramona Falls, led by onetime Menomena frontman Brent Knopf.

In particular, Emay focused on Ramona Falls’ 2009 debut full-length, Intuit. And across Into It, Emay showcases that he can flip the hell out of a sample and complement an original track’s structure. Instant standout “Five Years” embraces the core of Intuit‘s “I Say Fever“—from the walking piano to Knopf’s melodic vocals—and infuses it with heavy distortion, neck-breaking drums, and some serious bass. Elsewhere, Emay gets glitchy on EP closer “Going Twice” while weaving together layers upon layers of sounds on the aptly titled “Chaos Clover”.

Into It is a finely honed piece of work from a young talent who continues to sharpen his skills and display an inherent gift for musicianship. Download/stream it below.

Download Into It on Bandcamp


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    Nov 02, 2012 @ 12:52:00

    Very good EP

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