Potholes Music Releases ‘Distant Arcade’ Label Compilation

Today we’re stoked to present Distant Arcade, the first artist compilation for Potholes Music. It features brand-new tracks from each of our 12 artists including newcomer British producer B O L T S who brings his own flavor of  honey-like sample flips and lighthearted jazz sentiments.

The theme of Distant Arcade is, above all, space– the cosmos, spaceship joyrides, and the like. We asked our artists to take their cues from above the stratosphere in crafting their tracks, and while the individual approaches vary, the overall discourse of the compilation is one of zero gravity contemplation.

Instrumentals are the pulse of Distant Arcade, from Danny!’s swirling opening track, “A Vibe Called Quest” to vhvl’s retro video game banger, “fkkd”. Then we have Toronto-based rapper-producer Emay, who spits self-aware rhymes over his own percussion-heavy production (“Enough of the bluffing/Now I’m separated from the mental slavery ship”), and Jay Cue, who showcases his increasingly impressive ability to coalesce singing, rhyming, and his own sharp production on track “Bliss”.

Each track contributes its own light to the gathering point that is Distant Arcade, and we hope you enjoy the ride.

Download Distant Arcade

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