Playdough – “Ya Heard” (Mr. Dibbs Vs. The Black Keys) [Video]

You know those songs that come along and slap you in the face because they’re either so much fun or just flat-out stunning? Well, falling into the former category is this relatively new joint from Playdough, an MC who has cut his teeth as a member of Christian hip-hop crew Deepspace5. I know — religion being tacked on to almost anything can leave a pretty bad taste in anyone’s mouth. But Playdough doesn’t shove his faith down your throat or sound preachy on “Ya Heard”. Dude’s just having fun here while rocking over a beat that pairs up Mr. Dibbs and the Black Keys.

Hit the skip for the visuals.

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  1. Justin Roberts|

    Ahhhhhh Playdough..brings back memories..Have been a fan of him and Deepspace 5/Ill Harmonics for awhile…good stuff – Thanks

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