Planet Asia x G_Force – Camouflage Jackets [Album]

Last week we previewed the first single “Corner Store” by Planet Asia x G_Force. We’re happy to finally share the previously unreleased collaborative album Camouflage Jackets which was originally recorded back in 2008. The album features guest appearances include Phil The Agony, Tri-State, and Tope & Epp from TxE. [via]

Download: Planet Asia x G_Force – Camouflage Jackets

Track listing

1. Page For Page
2. Sorrow
3. Gold Kufi’s (feat. TriState)
4. Public Housing
5. Corner Store
6. Supa Bad (feat. Epp & Tope of TxE)
7. Backwoods (interlude)
8. Get Your Weight Up (feat. Phil The Agony)
9. Murder Dem (feat. TriState)
10. Cruise Control

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  2. D.L. Chandler|

    It astounds me how much material Planet Asia has out there in the world. I’m still getting caught up with older stuff.

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