Phony Ppl Returns With “Take A Chance”

Phony Ppl Returns With “Take A Chance”

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When I first dove headfirst into the musical world of Phony Ppl in 2012, the group’s sound surfed the waters of hip-hop. The waves were turbulent, a phenomenon propelled by Ppl’s pleasant experimentation and, you know, being a band, but hip-hop was a definitive pillar all the same. Since then, the members have shifted around a bit (absent is former rhyme leader Dyme-A-Duzin).

Helmed by Elbie Thrie, the six-piece collective returns with the release of “Take A Chance”, a minimal groove befitting a short film set around love, cast on a warm day in July. Save for one sole rap verse, “Chance” stands in a genre gray area, one leaning towards folk. In any case, the end result is fantastic.

“You can’t choose who you f*ck with / but you can choose who you fall in… love with”

Stream “Take A Chance” below. Expect the next project from Phony Ppl to hit the internet before summer’s end.

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