Phony Ppl – “I Wish I Was A Chair” [Video]

phony ppl Phony Ppl   I Wish I Was A Chair [Video]I love a good love story. I also love Phony Ppl. Also, by extension, I love The Sandlot and the directorial expertise of Sperry. So, needless to say, this music video is kind of the real deal. I’m very glad to see the two minute long track get a rewarding set of visuals, because it’s one of my favorite tracks from Phony Ppl’s Phonyland. album. The NYC-based R&B/rap/jazz group is hip, groovy, and ever so talented, and to me, all of those traits come into play on “I Wish I Was A Chair”, a minimalist work with a saxophone performance that will make the coldest heart warm up.

Check the video below and reminisce in the beauty that is Phonyland. via the Phony Ppl Bandcamp.

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