Phonte’s ‘Pacific Time’ EP Drops at the Perfect Time

Phonte—he of solo, Little Brother, and Foreign Exchange fame—recently released a surprise EP, Pacific Time, that succinctly showcases all of his immense skills. For me, his songwriting has always been his strong suit, and he continues to flex his crazy pen game on all four of these tracks. I also love that this arrived just as the temperatures started rising. Perfect timing.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the bunch, because sometimes it all just works together so damn well. “Can We” is absolutely sublime, “Beverly Hills” is pure funk with a great feature from Devin Morrison, “Ego” is a delightful lil’ tease, and “Heard This One Before” with Bosco and Kaytranada makes me want to hear a full album from those three.

Oh, and shouts out to Swarvy, Like, and Devin Morrison on the “Beverly Hills” beat. They should work together more, too.

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