Pharoahe Monch – “Stand Your Ground”

Pharoahe Monch – “Stand Your Ground”

pharoahe-monch-stand-your-groundIn light of this past weekend’s events, Pharoahe Monch found it fitting to release a rough version of “Stand Your Ground”. The powerful, energetic track turns the Stand Your Ground law on its head, as he asks his listeners to unite and stand firmly against an unjust power. The Queens rapper is also asking listeners to donate funds to the Trayvon Martin Foundation after they stream (and freely download) the track that will appear on Monch’s upcoming album, P.T.S.D.

You can hear the track and read its lyrics below.

I am just one man but I know my power
It’s the final call were in the final hour
And we must not divide as we march toward our future
Who are they to decide when they conspire to shoot yah,
Ahh, that could’ve been my mother, ohh, that could’ve been my brother
As sure as we rotate the sun and the earth revolves, get involved 3x
Stand your ground
They’ll say I’ve lost my mind claim that I’m psychotic He’s a fucking traitor he’s unpatriotic
But I learned in life truth it must be slated
And I know my rights they’re un-alienated Descendent of the blood of slaves
Used to be the one afraid
Until I learned my souls divine amalgamate lets combine unify get in line and
Stand your ground

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