Peter Anthony Red (Tonedeff) – The Projectionist [EP]

So, you might be asking yourself, “Who is Peter Anthony Red?” It turns out that he’s actually Tonedeff. But here’s the kicker: you know how Tonedeff is known for face-melting raps? Well, he apparently he wanted to drop that moniker in making¬†The Projectionist. The free five-track EP finds the gifted Newport News, Va. making his proper debut as a singer.

That’s right. After showcasing his pipes on a slew of projects over the years, Tonedeff has transformed into Peter Anthony Red to just straight-up sing and, as you might expect, he’s got some pretty solid chops. You can stream and/or download the EP below.

Download: Peter Anthony Red –¬†The Projectionist [Bandcamp]

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  1. Did you even bother listening? This is incredible stuff. The vocal work on “spiral” is >>>>> anything Ive heard in a very long time. You seem to be disgurntled that your favorite backpack rappers aren’t making backpack rap for you anymore.

  2. do you honestly think that the only reason Tone made this is because he was bored?

  3. Ken Eyekikit|

    NOT really feeling this at all… Just another example of how BORING rap is these days… Established emcees are getting bored and trying to explore new outlets… I appreciate the artistic effort, but this is really just another example of DOPE emcees getting phased out by a lack luster, uninspired, redundant, new class of young “rappers”…

  4. I wasnt expexting this at all and Im completely blown away by how versatile this guy is. why do people sleep on this dude?

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