Pete Rock Shares Previously Unreleased Gems With ‘Return Of The SP1200’

Maybe it’s because I’m completely out of the loop, but I had no idea Pete Rock was dropping a collection of previously unreleased instrumentals on Record Store Day. Not only that, but I also didn’t know that Return Of The SP1200 would be filled with unused beats from the ’90s.

In any case, it’s pretty exciting that we’re actually hearing all of these tracks—and yes, they’re as dope as you’d expect. It’s also rad that Chocolate Boy Wonder has plans to continue releasing collections like this. I will take 30 more, please.

Stream the album below or via your preferred platform, and pick up a vinyl copy at Fat Beats, Get On Down, and elsewhere. Oh, and shouts out to J Rocc on the scratches on here.

on the scratches on here.

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