Pete Marriott Shows ‘Potholes In My Blog’ Some Love…

We’re proud to announce that Potholes In My Blog has been listed as one of Pete Marriott’s prestigious top ten websites! It is a great honor to be mentioned by the great Pete Marriott, as well as to be listed with some of these other great sites.

Check out the full list HERE

I am also proud to announce that Pete Marriott will be joining Potholes In My Blog on our Open Mic Presents… interview series March 2nd. The interview will correspond with the launch of Pete’s highly anticipated nation wide radio show, Generation Next. This is a huge step in the right direction for the radio industry, which has been ridden with below-average music for far too long.

Read more about Pete’s radio show HERE

Continue to stick with us as we approach our January 25th launch. More Special Treats to come…

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  1. Thanks Pete, look forward to it as well!

  2. Hey thanks for the kind words guys. I look very forward to being interviewed by you guys!

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