Outasight – “Dizzy”

Not that you care, but today has been a pretty awful day for me (ask Andrew Martin). With that said, when Outasight‘s name popped up in my inbox, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Not because I don’t absolutely love his music, it’s just that I was more in the mood for emotional music like Elliott Smith than feel-good pop. Anyway, the Cook Classics produced “Dizzy” is exactly that, a feel-good pop single that actually made me feel one-tenth of a percent better. The single will be appearing on Outasight’s upcoming mixtape, Never Say Never, which will be available July 2. Where is the album, Outasight?

[audio:http://potholesinmyblog.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Outasight-Dizzy.mp3|titles=Outasight – “Dizzy”]

Download: Outasight – “Dizzy” [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. David Reyneke|

    Thanks guys! Glad to know people care out there in the internets…

  2. I’m surprised I wasn’t feeling this, some of my most played tracks are from this guy. Creative science is like that, though…I’m sure the album will be dope and I’m looking forward to that shit.

  3. Kinda refuse to listen just ’cause I wanna hear the mixtape in full.

    And quit yer whinin’

  4. Reyn is just a sensitive individual. 😛 hahaha

    This track is cool.

  5. we care bro. keep up the good shit. nothing wrong with diversity bro. much respect.

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