The 12 Best Rhymesayers Albums

9 Felt – Vol. 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet

felt-2-a-tribute-to-lisa-bonetMurs and Slug launched their Felt project in 2002 with A Tribute to Christina Ricci and proved to the world that two of underground rap’s most serious MCs could have some fun, too. And across the three projects, they teamed with different producers to wax poetic on their lady of the moment (Ricci, Lisa Bonet, and Rosie Perez). While Ricci is the O.G. and Perez had some post-apocalyptic party vibes, Bonet was the best executed of the bunch. Perhaps it was the fact that they were working with Slug’s right-hand man (Ant). Or maybe it was just that it housed undeniable cuts like Beastie Boys-reminiscent “Early Mornin’ Tony”, feel-good anthem “Employees of the Year”, and aptly titled funk jam “Morris Day”.—AM

8 Soul Position – 8,000,000 Stories

8-million-storiesImagine, if you can, that it’s 2003 again and you’re about to press play on the debut album from Soul Position, aka RJD2 and Blueprint. To put it into proper context, 8 Million Stories arrived right in the middle of RJ’s finest efforts—Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke—while Print was making a name for himself as a rapper, producer, and label head in his native Columbus, Ohio. But when the album dropped, it’s safe to say most heads were more familiar with the sample-manipulating and record-scratching ways of its producer. That all changed when Print’s confident, chest-beating vocals burst through the speakers, be it on standout track “Fuckajob” or introductory cut “Printmatic”.—AM

7 The Dynospectrum – The Dynospectrum

the-dynospectrumOne of Rhymesayers’ earliest releases was the self-titled debut of the Dynospectrum, a local super-group of sorts made up of Slug, Musab, I Self Divine, and Swift of Phull Surkle. The album was a raw-as-hell encapsulation of the backpacker vibe of the late ’90s with its supremely blunted rhymes and dusty instrumental loops. You can probably still catch a contact high if you play it now, though it also might inspire you and your friends to start an impromptu freestyle cipher if you’re not careful. That vibe is best captured by the words of Slug, who told Impose Magazine‘s Blake Gillespie the following: “When we made The Dynospectrum, I was so high, I really thought we were like a legion of superheroes.” Note: Gillespie also now writes for PIMB.

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  1. MM..Food was on Rhymesayers? I didn’t know that.

  2. L.Boy Jr.|

    Mr Dibbs : “The 30th Song” ??

  3. Phunky Joe Medina|

    What about Beyond – Comparison?!?

  4. this had to be so damn difficult to put together especially since anybody putting a rhymesayers list has to be a rhymesayers fan. I know my favorites in no particular order… and i know id be missing some just naming 10.

    Atmosphere “lucy ford”
    brother ali “shadows on the sun”
    micranots “obelisks movements”
    p.o.s. “ipecac neat”
    eyedea and abilities “first born”
    aesop rock “skelethon”
    micranots “the emperor and the assassin”
    atmosphere “godlovesugly”
    mf doom “”
    soul position “8 million stories”
    brother ali “champion ep”
    atmosphere “sadclown bad dub 2”

  5. true: Seven’s Travels had some cuts on there…

  6. The Lucy Ford EPs, You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having…..I cosign 1988 and God Love’s Ugly…forgot about Mmmm Food

  7. I liked The Undisputed Truth

  8. Or Semi-Official 🙁 Easily in the top ten. Source: I live here.

    Enjoyed the list though. <3

  9. Still my favorite label. Good list, although I’d have given The Dynospectrum the top position. Great article, I always enjoy your lists.

  10. Top 3 Dynospectrum, Overcast & Comparison
    & how you forget about I Self Devine / Micranots?

  11. fail on my part. thanks.

  12. Typo in there: it’s not Shadows “of” which it says in the body of the text#nerdboy

  13. King VitaMN|

    The Undisputed Truth had some joints on it, but I feel like the album as a whole just felt…off. It’s Ali’s only misstep (albeit slight) thus far in his career, IMO.

  14. Yeah I really love that LP too, but something about Us just clicked with me the most out of the two.

  15. Moodiggles|

    Great list, but The Undisputed Truth really should be included. Its not the best, but its in the top two.

  16. I knew all the lyrics to “Shadows On The Sun” when I was in high school… Probably listened to that album a thousand times. Definitely one of my favorites.

  17. King VitaMN|

    “Seven’s Travels” is probably my favorite Atmosphere album, but beyond that I can’t really find fault with this list. Shadows on the Sun is my #1, though. One of the best debut albums of all time (I don’t count Rites of Passage because the release was so small and on cassette only).

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