The 12 Best J Dilla Remixes

The 12 Best J Dilla Remixes

j dilla records The 12 Best J Dilla RemixesIt is still February, which means we are going to continue to celebrate the life of J Dilla. To keep the tribute going, today we have compiled our list of favorite Jay Dee remixes. Throughout his career, the Detroit producer found himself taking on tracks from artists both well-known and considerably under the radar. Not only that, but he created remixes for acts from across the genresphere, including hip-hop, of course, but also trip-hop, R&B and jazz.

Dilla’s ability to re-imagine an arrangement was undeniable, and it’s through this that we have him to thank for introducing us to acts we might not otherwise had heard. And after digging through even more of his discography, we strongly believe that the following remixes best exemplify this part of his skill set.

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