The 10 Best Remixes of The xx’s ‘Coexist’ Tracks

The 10 Best Remixes of The xx’s ‘Coexist’ Tracks

the xx liveThere are some acts that producers and DJs just can’t get enough of when it comes to cranking out remixes. And if you have browsed Potholes regularly in the past year or so, you have probably noticed that we, too, are never satisfied when it comes to find new interpretations of our favorite artists and their music.

Previously, we highlighted our favorite takes on Danny Brown tracks, which continue to get flipped into new and intriguing directions. But today, we’re talking a stroll from Detroit to London to show love to some of the finest remixes of singles of the xx’s damn-good sophomore album, Coexist. “Angels” has been manipulated the most since the record’s release, but lately we’ve heard some brilliant remixes of “Chained“.

Fellow Potholesian John Healey and I collaborated on this list, and we hope it introduces you to some new artists and helps you better appreciate Coexist.

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