The 10 Best Danny Brown Remixes

The 10 Best Danny Brown Remixes

danny brown smoke The 10 Best Danny Brown RemixesIt seems like we can’t go a day without posting about Danny Brown, who is without question one of our favorite rappers here at Potholes. And a big reason for his prevalence these days is steeped in two distinctive occurrences: a wealth of hilarious interview clips and perhaps even more remixes of his work. The latter continues to gain traction as producers happen upon his a cappellas and stems of his 2012 single, “Grown Up“.

Those vocal tracks made their way to the Internet when his label, Fool’s Gold Records, pressed last year’s stellar XXX to vinyl with a bonus 7-inch housing a cappella versions of choice cuts. Most notably, we’ve heard a gang of beatsmiths and DJs try their hand at the crassly sexual “I Will” and weed-smoking anthem “Blunt After Blunt“.

What’s most notable about all of this is how different all of these remixes have sounded, which led me to putting together a list of 10 of our favorite Danny Brown remixes here at Potholes. Style.

Click through the pages below to listen to the remixes and find out why each was picked.

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