On Krispy Kreme, RiFF RAFF and If Trolling Is a Viable Career Path in Music

Krispy Kreme 1 On Krispy Kreme, RiFF RAFF and If Trolling Is a Viable Career Path in MusicOne of the first meaningful things you can learn about the Internet is the following: don’t feed the trolls. It’s a tip somewhat related to what you should NOT do at the zoo, which is feed the animals. Why? Because a whole shitload of chain reactions can occur and chances are you’re not ready for them. Why would you be? How could you possibly know that you could start a swirling storm of shit by simply replying to someone on the Internet? After all, isn’t the Internet all about communication and broadening our horizons and … you get my point.

But as you have likely realized after spending a few days online, there are some folks who don’t take this shit seriously. Rather, they know exactly what they can gain—your attention!—by using a few choice words. And in 2012, it appears that so-called artists have realized that they can gain both your attention and some decent paychecks by way of embracing the trolling lifestyle. Their income might not come from your typical avenues of record sales and huge label advances, but they have amassed cult-like followings.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to spot a troll, because let’s be honest: we all know folks who are so bizarre that it’s nearly impossible to figure out if they’re serious or not. That leads me to two of my first subjects in this piece: Lil B and RiFF RAFF. It frightened me a bit to list that first artist, by the way, if only because I know the Bitch Mob Task Force is already prepared to take me down.

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